Self Portrait Nr. 1 – With Ancestors June 2020

by Simon Vincent



Chronologies from beyond spaces and a moment finally to talk to Them. Un-called-upon voices. Un-remembered stories.

Katharina Fink writes: “Much as Spoek Mathambo salutes the “ghosts that live between the beats”, this sonic note composed for the occasion of the launch of "Ghost, Spectres, Revenants”* is a scintillating invitation for a deep-diving presence in the mirror, a state of being fully haunted by the dreams of the ancestors, which, in some moments between dew and dirt, we become.”

And it is true. To act guided by the knowledge of those who have come before, the ever sentinels and observers, louding above time. Us, now awakened and alert. Them, vast tongues blazing.

Simon Vincent
Lincoln, July 2020.

*“Ghost, Spectres, Revenants: Hauntology as a means to think and feel future." Bayreuth, Johannesburg 2020, Iwalewabooks.


released July 21, 2020
Simon Vincent: Keyboards, Drums
Composed & Produced by Simon Vincent
Photo: "Sudbrooke Dawn." © Simon Vincent, 2020


all rights reserved


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